Fresh Eyeliner and Nano Brow

This was a beautiful result for our client and clearly shows the result you can get when cosmetic tattooing is done on the right skin type. It’s always recommended to book in for a thorough consultation to determine whether a particular service is right for you. Lovely thick liners like this are amazing, but are not suited to all client’s skin types. We have small capillaries around our eyes and some people have them very close to the surface. The skin around the eyes must first be analysed to ensure this procedure can produce the best result for you.
In this case, our client was a perfect canditate for this thick eyeliner look, coupled with beautifully nanobladed brows which helped to fill in some patchy areas giving the appearance of thick, even brows. Nanoblading involves using a super fine nano needle with pigmented ink to create hair-like tattoo strokes. So the result is natural and subtle.
If you are interested in having a consult about what permanent makeup options would be suitable for you, don’t hesitate to contact the team on 0447 505 491 to arrange a time. We service clients all over Sydney.