Cosmetic Tattooing

I hope you enjoy my Gallery. I try and include a wide range of brow shapes on various aged clients. Brows are designed for the individual.


Cosmetic Tattoo brows

Brows created using a state of the art Digital Machine. Nano Micro Brows. A very fine needle is used to create fine lines to add depth and sculptured shape to brows that already have hair but need volumising.

Cosmetic Tattoo brows Micro blading / Feathering

Beautiful fine hair strokes added to create a fuller brows. Ends were lifted to open eyes and give the brows a better arch. This client now enjoys beautiful brows that enhance her face and with the correct placement, her brows now frame her eyes.

Cosmetic Tattoo Brows

These brows are done with a digital machine. This method is great for acheiving full brows with great defination.

These brows are best suited to people who like to draw their brows on, and also those who perhaps want their brows a little bolder.

Clients with a more oily skin type are usually more suited to this type of brow also.

Eyeliner Tatoo