Key Tips for Lighter Haired Clients

ATTENTION all Blonde and Grey haired clients! Take a close look at this photo.

This is a healed brow on a blonde client. As you can see, her lighter blonde hairs are visible sitting on top of the tattoo, therefore blocking the colour out slightly. There are a few things you can do for this:

1. If it doesn’t bother you or is not detrimental to your shape – leave it as is. Just keep your brows groomed by plucking hair that is not in your tattooed shape.

2. Have your brows tinted to bring the colour up a few shades. A wax or pluck will also be beneficial to keep the brow neat and tidy.

3. As a quick fix you can use “brow mascaras”. Brow mascara is what it sounds like … a mascara for your eyebrows that coats the hairs in a little tint of colour. Brow mascara can be purchased from the chemist or your bigger makeup stores such as Mecca, Sephora, David jones ect.

Permanent makeup is such a great option for fairer haired clientele as it can accentuate your natural features which can sometimes get lost in your skin tone. If you’re considering Brow Microblading or Feathering, get in touch with us for a complimentary consultation where we can discuss the best option for you.