Completed Microbladed Brows

Check out the before and after photos of this beauty! The after shot was taken immediately after a Microblading session where you can see the hair strokes look fine and crisp. This effect will soften during the healing process, where the lines of the hair strokes will become slightly thicker and more powdery, creating a beautiful, natural look. It will depend on your skin type as to how the stroke will heal and everyone’s own individual final result will differ.

Our client already had great brows but they were in need of some shape, definition and fullness, so Microblading was the perfect solution for her, as it is for many of our beautiful clients.

If you’ve considered a more permanent solution to your brow woes, why not book a free consultation in any one of our locations in Sydney? We can dicuss your individual goals, skin type and brow shape to determine the best cosmetic tattoo solution for you. We operate out of salons located in Narellan, Gregory Hills, Menai and Pyrmont.