Defined Microbladed Brows

We often get asked what the process is when a new client is looking at getting their eyebrows professionally tattood. Microblading is by far the most popular option as it gives a beautiful, natural looking result and only deposits the pigment into the upper dermis of the skin. Our client (pictured) is a great example of what microblading can achieve.

Microblading usually takes around 1.5 hours. First, I draw on your brow so we can discuss your desired shape and thickness. Your face shape, underlying pigment and overall desired end result is taken into consideration and agreed upon before the service commences.
Once this is decided, I can start to microblade.

At the end of the treatment I will give you aftercare and advice on the healing process. Then off you go with your new eyebrows with a follow up appointment booked for 6 weeks time.

At the 6 week check-up appointment, we will add any finishing touches to the brow. In most cases, this may only be a few little tweaks, however every individual retains colour differently. A full assessment and adjustments will be made to ensure you’re happy with the result. To read up on what to expect after Microblading, head here.

If you are interested in having a consult about what permanent makeup options would be suitable for you, don’t hesitate to contact the team on 0447 505 491 to arrange a time. We service clients all over Sydney.