This is a common question from clients enquiring about having their eye brows microbladed/ Feathered. The answer is not a simple one as the length of time that your brows last depends on a few factors. Skin type- As your may already know we all have different skin types. Colour , tone, texture, age . Here are a few samples of skin and their possible healing qualities when it comes to microblading results.

Oily skin
-Large visible pores
-Acne ( but not in all cases)
-Visable shine
The main concern with this skin type is that the very fine hair stokes that your practitioner will put in your skin, will first appear lovely and crisp, but as the skin heals these fine stroke tend to heal a little thicker with not as much clarity. The good news is that you can still mange to have beautiful micro bladed brows if you have oily skin but the look may appear a little more powdered rather than super crisp. This is not that case on all oily skin but its important to know what results you may acheive. Results vary from 9 months to 12 months .
Redness in skin
This is actually very common. Client with skin that appears as red or have slight redness to there skin colour.

Redness in the skin may be caused by rosacea, sensitive skin or some clients appear to have tiny blood vessels that lay close to the surface of the skin – also a symptom of rosacea.

This skin type seems to not hold the colour for as long. e.g. they see client may need a refresh more regulary to keep their brows lookng at their very best. Results vary from 9 months to 12 months.


Environmental factors

Sun exposure ! Living in our beautiful country Australia we are blessed with the beautiful warm sun majority of our year.

The pigment that is implanted will fade at an increased speed if your brows are constantly exposed to direct sunlight. I always describe this to my clients as, imagine a black t-shirt hanging on the line in the sun , it will not take much time at all for that shirt to loose its colour and start turing brown . Like the shirt pigments our pigments also will fade. A 50+ sunscreen should be worn to help prolong your beautiful brows . If you look after your brows and you don’t have any underlying skin issues brows will last between 12-15 months. After this time a refresh is need to boost the colour and keep them looking great.


As our skin ages it becomes rougher more transparent and more fragile. This is caused by thethinning of the epidermis (surface layers of the skin) In my experience aging skin is so varied and it really depends on the individual rather than a specific age group. My overall advise about how long will Microblading last is between 9-18 months. The best thing to
do is have a consultation to discuss your desired outcome . I will then ensure that the results are achievable and you will be Happy with your beautiful brows!!!