Micro Bladed Brows Transformation

What a beautiful transformation! As we age, our hair tends to thin and lighten, so we are often approached by clients who are looking for a more permanent solution to applying makeup daily to their brows and to give them that extra confidence boost. Opting for cosmetically tattood eyebrows helps maintain balance and symmetry to the face at all times and restores that youthful appearance we all chase. Here we have created fine, natural lines that will heal to a soft textured brow. In this instance, Microblading was the perfect choice for our client, allowing our team to gently deposit the pigment superficially into the upper dermis of the skin- the result being beautifully defined, delicate brows. If you are interested in exploring the benefits of permanent makeup for yourself, don’t hesitate to contact the team on 0447 505 491. We service clients from Pyrmont to Penrith, Narellan to Menai.