Micro Needled Brows

We have clients consider eyebrow tattooing for numerous reasons. It might be to fill in sparse hair, darken blonde brows, thicken and define the brows, or in this case, correct shape. For our lovely client pictured here, we gave her some serious ‘Arch Appeal’. She already had great brows and the perfect skin to work with, but just wanted to define the shape a little more. By extending the natural arch of her brows we have opened up the eyes and really framed the face, creating a fuller, sculptured finish.

This technique was achieved with a micro needle using a digital machine to create the fine hairstroke lines. These brows will heal up nicely and look soft and subtle, our client was so happy with the end result. Now she can enjoy her brows all day, every day!

If you are interested in Microblading for your brows, contact our team today for a free consultation.