Microbladed Blonde Brows

Eyebrows make such a huge difference to our face. They create definition and act as a frame for the eyes. But what happens if your hair colour is so fair that they are not as visible or defined as you’d like? This is often the case if you have naturally blonde or light coloured hair. Teamed with a skin tone like our client’s pictured here, means you might feel self concious without a little help from make-up. But you don’t have to sign up for a lifetime supply of brow pencils, microblading is a great solution if you’d like to permanently define your brows, and there are different colour options to suit whatever your skin tone and hair colour.

For our lovely client pictured here, we microbladed her brows in a natural darke blonde colour to complement her skin tone and ash blonde hair. The results are beautiful- not heavy at all and you can hardly pick they’re not all hers!

If you are interested in Microblading for your brows, contact our team today for a free consultation.