Microbladed Brow Fill-In

This lovely client of ours came to us with thinned, slightly patchy eyebrows- the unfortunate result of years of overplucking during a time when ‘thin was in’ (we all remember the 90’s and early noughties!). Its quite common to see this and the solution is really simple.

We used a microblading tehnique to create fine, feather-stroke hair lines between the client’s existing brow hairs to add thickness and better definition to her brows. Often clients are hesitant to take the plunge on cosmetic tattooing, but results like these can certainly alleviate any concerns you might have for an end result that’s too far the other way- bright eyed and bushytailed! Our client was so happy she came to us:

“Thank you so so much Sarah…. I have had many compliments. I feel like my eyebrows should have always looked like this. You are a true professional and very talented…”

If you have any concerns at all for what the end result might look like, or would just like to see what could be possible for you, contact our team for consultation. We all deserve to look and feel our best, so if you’ve been putting off the idea for some time now don’t delay any futher- you’re in the hands of professionals!