Microbladed Brow Stages

This is a perfect visual representation of the stages we go through when having our brows Microbladed.

The first picture is before the treatment where you can see the client had a good starting point with her natural brows, but was after a more defined look.

The second picture is taken straight after her treatment where you can clearly see the hair strokes and line definition. A lot of clients leave feeling very pleased and excited about their new brows, however they do go through some changes in the coming weeks – for more info on what to expect check out our FAQ section.

The last photo is our client’s healed brows after 6 weeks when she came in for her check up appointment. You can see how beautifully the brows have settled into her skin and she’s loving every day with her new brows!

If you would like to come in for a consultation about what can be achieved for your brows, get in touch with our team today.