Normal Skin, Natural Microbladed Brows

We often get asked- does my skin type affect the results of cosmetic tattooing? And the answer is- YES, skin type DOES matter when choosing which brow treatment is right for you.

Our client pictured here had the perfect skin to microblade and has what would be deemed a ‘dry to normal’ skin type. Dry to normal skin is great for microblading as the hair strokes heal quite crisp and fine, meaning a natural looking brow can be achieved. Our client pictured here was so delighted with the end result.

If you have oily skin, microblading may not be the best solution for your eyebrows, as the hair strokes will not heal as crisp and fine. However there is an alternative – Nano Brows or Digital Machine brows can work really beautifully. In this instance, hair strokes are still tattood into the skin, but the healed result may sometimes be that the strokes are more powdery and less crisp. The result is still lovely and creates a defined brow with a perfect shape.

We are pleased to say that we offer both treatments so we have a solution for all skin types. We will always have a thorough consultation with you to ensure we choose the right option for the results you’re after.